As wedding photographers and videographers, we try to capture a more candid view of your wedding day. There’s always a little bit of guidance involved with the photos (only a little bit, though, we promise!), but that won’t happen with the video, because we’re trying to catch movement, the reactions, the overall feeling of what’s happening!

When it comes to our photo-video style, we’ve had some difficulty answering this question. It definitely won’t be cinematic. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. If that is what you’re looking for, we can happily recommend some amazing videographers, but it doesn’t describe what we’re doing for you. Terms like documentary and journalistic also get used a lot for wedding Photos & Video, and while those are somewhat closer to what we’re doing, they’re still not right.

The best way to describe what it is what we do, is that it will be more of a behind the scenes look at what’s happening on your wedding day. The small looks between the two of you, the laughs when (you think) no one is looking, the goofy things your wedding party does, and the interactions with the ones you love - there won’t be a lot of looking at the camera, just each other!

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