About Us

We’re Sarah and Joe and we spent a long time trying to come up with something that tells you about our background in photography, and why we love weddings, etc. We struggled...

This is what we came up with instead…

We are relaxed, easy-going people, who enjoy simple things like Sunday morning lattes, gardening, family dinners, and planning our next travel adventure.

When it comes to your actual wedding day, we’re not interested in posing you 100 different ways. Yes, we will be there to guide you and make you look fabulous, but for us the best photos are the ones that remind you how fun, crazy, emotional, and just plain awesome your wedding day was.

If you want to read more about our prices, how we shoot, and what to expect on your wedding day, head over to the FAQ page.

Or, if you’ve instantly fallen in love with us thanks to our breath-taking About Us page, and think you can handle being around us all day, then you should come over to our place for a drink and some snacks (Who doesn’t like wine and cheese?!?), and maybe we’ll even get around to talking about your wedding!!

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